We are Brett, Gilad, and Oded and we are the principal owners of Revolver Properties Investment and Development. We are a boutique, family run business dedicated to providing professional, knowledgeable and personable experience to our homeowners.

Our goal is to help homeowners with difficult real estate situations that are making their lives difficult.

We understand what it feels like to be in unmanageable situations and we come up with the best solutions to your problem. We have many ways in which we can help our homeowners, in some cases we recommend taking our fair, fast cash offer to purchase your property, other times we recommend letting us help by conducting a short sale, and in other cases, we help by working to modify your loan.

Our Backgrounds

Brett has a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Psychology from the University of Arizona.

Before his real estate career, he was the co-founder of two highly successful sports and entertainment marketing businesses.

Brett is detail oriented, friendly and takes pride in trying to help homeowners solve their real estate problems.


Gilad has a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Political Science from Syracuse University a Law Degree from New York Law School, and a Masters degree in Real Estate Investment and Finance from NYU.

Gilad takes pride in helping our homeowners with extremely complicated situations using his knowledge of the law and always loves a good laugh.

Oded has a degree in Business Management from UBS in Israel and has been working in Real Estate and Development for over 17 years. He also loves to help Military Families as he served in the IDF for many years.

Oded lives with his family in Williamsburg Brooklyn for the past 15 years so he has immense local knowledge of Brooklyn and Queens.

He brings a passion for helping people, beautifying communities and loves his job and family.

Our Motivation

We started our business to help homeowners in need of assistance. We saw firsthand how many homeowners fell on hard times did not understand all of the options available to them, our goal is to help people come up with the best solution for them and their families.

When a homeowner reaches out to us we work hard to find out the key details of the situation and what the homeowner is trying to achieve. We then research and analyze the situation together with the homeowner and discuss solutions to the problem.

Easy Process When You Work With Us

Our processes and procedures are designed to work optimally for the homeowner. Our goal is to provide a straightforward, easy and efficient process of selling your home. Because we are easy to work with, friendly and detailed our business runs smoothly and people enjoy the process of selling their homes to us.

Homeowner Situations We’ve Helped With

We pride ourselves on being able to solve even the most difficult real estate problems and do it quickly. Here are just some of the real estate problems that we were are able to resolve for our customers, click on the links to read more…

  1. Fire damaged house
  2. Probate requiring a fast sale
  3. Non-conforming title to the property
  4. Selling a house from out of state
  5. Foreclosure
  6. Relocation
  7. Fast sale with no real estate agent commissions
  8. Tax Liens
  9. Divorce requiring a fast sale
  10. House in poor condition that real estate agents don’t want to list
  11. Property with pest infestations
  12. Property requiring serious repairs
  13. Property with dozens of abandoned vehicles
  14. Guaranteeing purchase 9 months into the future so the owner could plan their retirement
  15. Tenants who stopped paying rent and will not leave the property
  16. Assistance with moving and storage expenses
  17. Property full of personal possessions


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